Great Coach AFL

Great Coach AFL 3 is Now Available

Great Coach AFL Version 3 has been released. This is the old product page for version 2.0.

See all the great new features of the new Great Coach AFL here.

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Have used app for both under 18’s and seniors. A great tool to show and grade individual players.

Skye F.C.

Since being an assistant coach, I enjoyed helping the coach by using this app to track changes in the lineup, making sure even game time and keeping stats on who’s doing good and bad things throughout the game. I would recommend this more to the older junior-senior coaching staff but anyone would benefit using this app.


A must have for coaching staff of all age groups… Couldn’t be happier!!!! Thank you


Key Features

  • Plan team set up and pre-plan rotations
  • Play matches player statistics and player game time monitoring
  • Review and report match statistics and player performance

Plan your matches

  • Plan team set ups for each quarter
  • Pre-plan player rotations and visualise player rotations
  • Planned player time is constantly displayed whilst planning a match
  • Copy team set ups from previous matches and quarters
  • Keep your fixture, players details, contacts and development notes all in one place
  • Manage as many teams as your like all in one app
  • Print and email team line ups

Play matches

  • Collect player scores and statistics (over 20 statistics plus add your own custom statistics)
  • Record certain key player statistics and observations during the match such as leads, tackles, shepherds, blocks, chases and trails.
  • Update the team set up as rotations and player movements complete
  • Monitor player game time with indicators and alerts
  • Coach’s clipboard with score summary, key messages for encouragement and player correction.
  • Team statistics available at anytime in the match
  • Match timer with audible time reminders
  • Display preferences for player photos, nicknames, names & jumpers
  • Choose different team formation; Standard, 1 or 2 extra in the back line - Against the wind

Review matches

  • Record best players for each match
  • Detailed match reports scores, goal kickers, best players and the coach’s summary.
  • Send match reports via e-mail or Twitter.
  • Review the entire season’s performance with export to spreadsheets for analysis
  • Review the game quarter by quarter including scoring and player achievements in the coach’s clipboard
  • Manage team, game fixture, matches, players and team contacts</li>
  • elect from the over 20 game statistics you want to collect add your own statistics and even customise the statistics boards for your preferences.

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