Great Coach AFL - Frequently Asked Questions

Great Coach Version 3 has just been released. We will update you with the latest questions and answers as we go.

How do I backup my database?

Both Version 2 and Version 3 Great Coach AFL apps now allow you to back up and restore your team’s database. Check out our user’s guide for more information on Exporting and Importing Databases

How do I transfer my information to a new iPad?

To move your Great Coach AFL information from one iPad to another, backup your old iPad’s database and send it to your new iPad. See our user guide for more information Exporting and Importing Databases

Can I set up my own formations?

Yes. Introduced with Version 3 of Great Coach AFL we have introduced a new Formation Editor. Using the formation editor you can set up formations for any number of players and opposition players. You can also set up extra players in backline, midfield or forward line.

The Formation Editor is in beta at the moment but we would love to hear your feedback.

Does Great Coach AFL work on an iPad Mini or iPad Pro 12.9”?

The answer is yes and a bigger yes. With the new Version 3, Great Coach AFL works even better on iPad Pro’s with big screens. The new user interface design adapts to large and small screen sizes and lets you also work in landscape and portrait orientations.