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Great Coach Basketball is a integrated coaching and team management iPad application for basketball teams. Easily manage your players, plan matches and player interchanges, monitor player court time, collect scores and statistics with Great Coach Basketball.

Available on the AppStore

Great Coach Basketball has been designed for junior through to senior teams. Using customisable statistics and statistics reports, you can tune your statistics collection from skills development through to professional statistics.

For professionals there are over 50 statistics including True Shooting Percentage (TS%) and Effective Goal Shooting Percentage (EF%). Compare the true scoring efficiency of your players with Great Coach Basketball’s player statistics such as Points per Hour of court time.

For junior teams customise statistics to collect more skills development statistics. All statistics are available at anytime in a match and can be used to correct or reenforce skills at training or in match breaks.

Junior team coaches know how critical it is to ensure fair court time for all players. Great Coach Basketball maintains detailed player court time recording. Continuous display of player game time as well as alarms help coaches give their players equal court time.

Planning for equal player match time is easy with Great Coach Basketball’s Auto Plan feature. Great Coach will automatically rotate any players on the bench for equal match time with a touch.

Join the thousands of Great Coach Teams

There are thousands of teams getting results with Great Coach products. With experience across a range of sports we bring the latest in effective user interface design, statistics collection, reporting and advanced time management.

More Features

Plan your matches

  • Plan team set ups for each period at any time intervals
  • Plan player interchanges at set times in the game
  • Use our AutoPlan feature to easily plan player interchanges for an entire match
  • Receive reminders of planned interchanges and moves
  • Organise your bench and interchanges with previews coming player interchanges
  • Copy team set ups from previous matches and periods
  • See planned player time
  • Keep your players details, contacts and development notes all in one place
  • Print and email team set ups

Play matches

  • Collect player scores and statistics
  • Monitor player game time with indicators and alerts
  • Coach’s clipboard with score summary, key messages for encouragement and player correction.
  • Team statistics available at anytime
  • Review shot maps with goal score / miss locations
  • Match timer with audible time reminders

Review matches

  • Record best players for each match
  • Review the entire season’s performance with export to spreadsheets for analysis

  • Review the game period by periods including scoring and player achievements in the coach’s clipboard
  • Manage team, game fixture, matches, players and team contacts

  • Select from the over 50 game statistics you want to collect add your own statistics and even customise the statistics boards for your preferences.

  • Tweet match results
  • Send match reports via e-mail from your iPad with scores, scorers, best players and the coach’s summary.

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