Great Coach Football - Frequently Asked Questions


We have put together a collection of frequently asked questions for teams using Great Coach Netball. Don't forget to read our guides and tutorial videos to help you get the most from Great Coach Netball.

If you don't find an answer to your question or problem please contact us here.

Frequently asked Questions

When I go to view the match summary the app sometimes quits.

We have found this an issue if a team contains players with only Surnames. We will be releasing a fix to this shortly.

  1. Go to each of your Players in your Player List
  2. Add the player's first name

I've completed a game but the scores are not being shown

There is an issue with Version 1.0 of Great Coach Netball that can stop scores being displayed. It's easy to work around and will be fixed in an updated version

  1. Go to your Team Sheet.
  2. Tap on the selector for number of periods per game.

Your games progressive scores will now be shown correctly.

How do I request a new feature

Really need Great Coach Netball to do something new or change the way its working. Just drop us a line using the Contact Us button below and tell us what your looking for. We can't make any promises but we want to make sure Great Coach Netball works the best for coaches and teams.

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