Level Remote - User's Guide

Level Remote / Level Remote Pro

Level Remote is a great level to get your vehicle level. Upgrade to Level Remote Pro for more features:

Getting Started

Level Remote quickly shows you any low spots on your vehicle with red alert pulses at each wheel.

Alert Pulses

A single large green pulse shows you when your vehicle is approximately level (+/- 1 degree).

Level Pulses

You can turn on an off sound alerts using the speaker.


The Calibration feature allows you to adjust for your device not laying perfectly flat due to the device’s camera buldge or a protector case doesn’t fold perfectly.

To calibrate your device.

  1. Place the device on a level surface.
  2. Press and hold the Calibration Button (Crosshair Circle ) at the bottom of the screen.
  3. A pulse will show once the device has been calibrated.

Tap the Calibration button to activate and deactivate calibration.

Remote Connection (Pro Version Only)

Level Remote lets you connect two iPhone or iPad devices so you can level your vehicle by remote control.

Remote Feature

To use the remote feature, do the following:

  1. On the remote device - tap the Share button. Your device will then wait to be paired
  2. On your device - tap Connect button.
  3. Select your remote device from the list of Level Remote devices. It may take a moment before the device appears.
  4. Place your remote device in your vehicle and then level it up using your device.
  5. When finised, remember to turn off the Share button on your remote device to save your battery.

Changing your Vehicle

You can select either a four wheel vehicle or three wheel vehicle from the Vehicle Type preference.

Level Pulses

Display Options (Pro Version Only)

Level Pulses

You can select to display the angle of your vehicle in degrees or Level Remote can calculate the distance in either inches or centimetres.

Angle Display

Select the Angles option under the Display preference.

Dimensions Display

To display dimensions on Level Remote:

  1. Select the Dimensions option under the Display preference.
  2. Enter the width of your vehicle and the wheel spacing (measure from the front axle to the rear most axle)
  3. Select your preference of either Inches or Centimetres.

Dimensions will be displayed relative to lowest part of the vehicle by default. If you would like to view the dimensions relative to another wheel on the vehicle, tap on the wheel to view the dimension. The currently selected wheel will be highlighted with a box. To automatically select the lowest dimension, tap the centre of the screen.


Here are a few quick tips to for Level Remote.

Can’t connect devices, my remote device doesn’t appear

If you’re unable to see your other device with Level Remote, check the following:

I’ve purchased Level Remote Pro feature but it hasn’t yet appeared in my app

If you’re having a problem getting the Pro Version purchase working. Please try the following:

  1. Open the Level Remote App.
  2. Tap on the Settings button the (i) button.
  3. Check if Level Remote Pro is Purchased. (As shown in the picture below).
  4. If Level Remote Pro is not purchased, press the ‘Refresh purchases’ button (As shown in the picture below).
  5. Wait until the Level Remote Pro shows Purchased.

Level Remote Pro Refresh Purchases

Do I need to purchase Level Remote Pro on both devices?

The good news is only need to purchase one copy of Level Remote Pro to share between a pair of devices. You should have the Level Remote Pro installed on the device you use to view the level, that way you have all the viewing options available on that device.