Great Coach AFL - 1.1 Released

Great Coach AFL - 1.1 Released

Jul 24, 2012. | By:

The footy season is hotting up with spring and footy finals just around the corner. Just to bring things to a fever pitch, the Great Coach AFL update has hit iTunes AppStore.

We have had a great response to Great Coach AFL this season and received alot of feedback and suggestions. The good news is we have packed a whole swag features into this release.

So you might be asking why has it taken so long to get the new update out! Well the only answer is that we wanted to get it right.

The new release includes a really big improvement on the statistics collection and reporting capabilities of Great Coach AFL. By far our biggest request was to collect Kicks, Marks and Handballs. But the next big request was to be able to collect other statistics, not just the common stats. It was these requests that really got us thinking about the best way to give coaches and their teams the stats they need.

So the solution took a little longer than we had hoped but we think its pretty good stuff. The big feature is the ‘Stats Board’. You can build your own stats board full of stats buttons. We have buttons for all the major statistics and a set of custom statistics buttons you can set up for your needs.

Building stats boards is easy, drag the Stat from the list and drop it on the Stats Board. You can arrange the buttons and group them together for the way your team wants to do stats.

Coaches have also been asking for more reports. So we have added a report builder to collect match and team stats and to show them the way you want them. If your a little mathematically minded you can also email your team and match statistics and then open them in a spreadsheet.

Your reports also have some nice features such as totals for disposals, possesions and the one percenters.

We also polished a few of features and added in game player time and in match statistis reports.

You can also review your coach’s clipboards for past games when you look back on the season.

Oh and one more thing.. Now you can copy your match starting line ups into new games so you don’t have to start from scratch each time you set up.

Hope everyone has a great end to the season and hope you enjoy your Great Coach AFL update.