Great Coach Football Released - Soccer planning, scores and stats.

Great Coach Football Released - Soccer planning, scores and stats.

Mar 17, 2013. | By:

Great Coach Football (Soccer) is now available. Another member of the Great Coach family was launched quietly this weekend and we are really proud of the result.

We’ve built on the rich statistics feature of the Great Coach products and added even more sophisticated shot reporting for soccer. The new shot reports allow you to capture shooting positions for goals, misses and saves. Really useful for:

  • Strikers - knowing where they can get success and where to work on their shooting at training.
  • Goal keepers is invaluable information to help them tune their game as well.
  • Midfield & defense you can see across a season and highlight areas where shots are being made.

Team information sharing features have also been bolstered allowing you to share your team set ups, shot reports as well as match reports and stats with the team.

We’ve also added a feature to customise each of your team’s uniform. It a nice touch having your team’s uniform when you send out the starting line up out to your players. You can also elect to show player photos during match play. The photos really assist parents and friends when their are taking stats for the team.

As with the other members of the Great Coach family, Great Coach Football comes with our customisable statistics boards and statistics reports. The statistics board editor is included that lets the coach put the statistics they want to collect on a board. The layout of the board can then be set go give the best grouping of relevant statistics and improve the muscle memory. By grouping the statistics and keeping the same positions on the board the predictability of the button position improves the accuracy and speed of statistics collection.

The planning features of Great Coach Football now includes planned player time. This feature really assist coaches and team managers to plan our player interchanges to give all the kids a fair go on the field. As a coach adds a player or moves a player to the bench Great Coach Football automatically recalculates the planned player time and displays a easy to read bar graph.

We’ve got some great new features we will be adding to Great Coach Football and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

If you’ve got a suggestion were happy to listen, drop us a line here

Thanks and we hope you enjoy Great Coach Football.

The Ignited Software Team